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Here at Kimberly Ann’s Treasures Spiritual Boutique we honor you wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We are here to ASSIST you in HEALING on all levels to become EMPOWERED to be the very best you! Feel free to stop by here anytime to see the latest articles or to explore our services and products that are here to help you raise your vibration and live the most magnificent life that you were meant to live. All meditations, readings and energy healing's are light encoded activation's to activate the codes that are already held inside of you that are SO READY to WAKE UP!

Did you realize that there is nothing more important than your soul and it's GROWTH! Discover who you are and what your soul, higher self wants you to know. Your energy/vibration/frequency is EVERYTHING. 

Your vibration determines who and what is drawn into your life. When people move away that is because you are no longer a vibrational match, it's that simple. Let us help you navigate the energies as we move from 3D to 5D, and help you understand how these energies affect your physical and emotional body.

Explore our products and services that will help you empower yourself to RAISE your vibration/frequency to help you “Step Into Your Power” and live a life filled with LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS and joy.  

Take the Quantum Leap Today!!! "Step Into Your Power"!! Step forward in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IN UNITY on a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL on this NEW EARTH! Go forward in love and faith with your newfound service and love for all when you discover your true soul purpose! Let your LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT!!!

Love Blessings, 

Kim ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

Kim has been inspired to develop and offerQuantum Transormational Life Coachingbecause she has used these methods in her own life to make profound and amazing changes in her life using the same techniques that she will help you develop and implement in your own life. 

She speaks from the heart and shares her own life experiences to inspire you to make positive changes.  Her warm and friendly manner will put you at ease to help you learn and grow to be the very best you.  She incorporates her years serving as a minister in a spiritual church as a healer, teacher and messenger to share all the knowledge and wisdom that she has learned.  Her spiritual quest began 19 years ago and has changed her life and gave her more meaning and fulfillment than she ever thought possible and she would like to share that excitement with you. 

She has overcome many challenges along the way to healing, such as negative thinking and learning how to monitor her thoughts and turn a negative to a positive.  She has learned how to see her trial and tribulations in life as lessons  She has a very unique ability to see the lessons in these so called obstacles and can help you see yours so that you can finally be free to be the magnificent person that you were always meant to be! 


-Quantum Light Encoded Activation Meditations (FREE BONUS CONTENT)              -Happiness Life Coaching

-Spiritual Coaching                                                            - Vibration Coaching (Understanding of your Energy Field and how to Raise your Vibration)

-Assertiveness Coaching                                                                         -Rewire your brain to HAPPINESS

-RELEASE HIDDEN PROGRAMS in your brain (These are conditioning from your environment from an early age and are not you!)

-DISCOVER who YOU REALLY ARE before all that conditioning (Let me introduce you to yourself) 

-RECOGNIZE your PATTERNS so that you can RELEASE them once and for all 

-CREATE and kindly enforce HEALTHY BOUNDARIES                         -LIVE with an OPEN HEART 


-Uncover your PASSION and LIFE PURPOSE                                       -Discover the healing power of crystals 

-Learn the power of gratitude                                                                -Notice thoughts that could be sabotaging your happiness 

-Learn how the Power of your words either spoken or unspoken affect your life on every level 

-How to develop your intuitive skills                                                      -Learn how to trust yourself and follow your gut instincts 

-Learn how to bring connection to the divine in your daily life 


 Kim ~ Divine Warrior Goddess



Light encoded activation's in all meditations to awaken the codes you already hold within you

Quantum Transformational LIfe COaching

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-Confidence         -Love


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-Emotional  -Spiritual

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