Energy Update 11-3-17

Crystals have been activating in the head (Yes we have crystals within our physical body, how cool is that??) and sinuses for the last two days bringing on headaches and massive discomfort in the sinus cavities. Try using a netti pot to allieve sinus discomfort.

Also for about a week now there has been stomach discomfort and nausea signifying going from linear to non linear really fast. (This is what we want!) Yippee!! Ginger, carbs and salts can help alleviate this. We also have had the physical body heating up the last few days. This can last for a few moments or much longer. This the crystalline structures activating, evolving, encoding and purifying as it "burns off" the old. All of this is so very NEEDED as we move from 3D/4D to 5D and higher. BELIEVE ME, this IS where you WANT to BE. It is a MAGICAL PLACE of pure LOVE, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, PEACE AND ABUNDANCE!

All of this is a purification of the physical body in ways that we cannot even imagine. We hold onto so much on a cellular level that it is crazy. This is not only from this life but from all lifetimes and because we are the forerunners in the ascension process we are also doing this clearing for the collective. It is an immense and AMAZING OPPORTUNITY that we signed up for before we incarnated in this lifetime. Hang in there and thank you so much for all of your "work" as we head into the beautiful NEW EARTH!

I have a new Quantum Light Activation for Releasing Old Programming now available on my website that you can use everyday to help you release all of that old programming that no longer serves you. It can be found on the service page of my website:

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Love Blessings,

Quantum Transformational Specialist

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All is Vibrational

Third Eye Activation


Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

Seeing others energy is a real kick as well as seeing energy and portals right in front of you! It is the most amazing and awesome experience and gives you a glimpse into higher consciousness. Being able to see lightcodes as they come in, as symbols that can be seen through the third eye (pineal gland) is strange at first, as you begin to open up to the energy that is all around us. These codes and symbols that you are seeing(probably in your lucid dream state) are actually activations to awaken the codes that you already hold within. They were always there, waiting patiently for the activation that is occuring daily now. Awareness is key to this amazing unfoldment of energy that has always been there. This goes so much more beyond being able to see someone's aura, which if you have this ability, (we all do) you may notice that some auras are getting bigger and bigger as those souls expand consciousness beyond our human understanding.

As you begin to awaken, you begin to be able to see this energy, see evidence in the pictures that you take. You may not realize what these codes are, and in truth, you do not need to know their exact meaning. Just that they are “waking up the codes and crystals within every cell of your body”. This is called and activation.

This can also be felt/achieved/activated by other means, such as,

*Reading articles that are activations

*Listening to activations (through the vocal cords of another) through speech and song

*Seeing and feeling the activation through the artwork/lightcodes

*Using natural products to assist/activate (I have my own line of products to assist with raising your frequency and activating the third eye, heart, chakra balance and so much more)

*Drinking pure water and organic food

*Detox the body in a gentle way

In the beginning of the third eye activation you may begin to see/connect with you angels and guides, see loved ones that have crossed over, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, leprechauns and other spirit that you could not see before. Even if you cannot see them with your physical eye, you see them with your third eye and just know that they are there. It could be in great detail or you can feel their energy and hear what they are saying without all of the distinct details of what they are wearing or how they look exactly. I “FEEL” energy more than I see it clearly, but that matters not, as you have an “Inner Knowing” of what is presented. You begin to TRUST what you are shown and feel. Somehow you just KNOW things to be true. It is very important to trust yourself as self doubt will erode and close it back up because you don’t believe it. It is important for you to always trust yourself and do not let others dictate or tell you that you did not experience what you believe to be true.

We are in a magical time of heightened awareness and all of our so called “gifts” are coming online. But they are not really gifts at all, they are us, our natural state of being. The way of the universe. As I have gone Quantum, Galactic and so very much more than I have jumped quantum style with my so called “gifts”. You may notice this as well, as everyone's codes and crystals are being activated.

I can now see/feel/read another's energy as never before, even though I have been a energy healer, intuitive, and medium for many years. As an energy worker I can go right into someones body, see what's going on and then restore it to its healthy state almost instantaneously. There is a time of integration that must be allowed as well as if the soul allows or the human blocks this. That makes all the difference. If someone's heart is closed then on a subconscious level then they may block this restoration. This is why it is imperative to keep an open heart and open mind at all times. I no longer think of myself as a “healer” as I begin to realize that all I am doing is “restoring you to your natural state”.

Along with the third eye being activated as never before (Its been open for 20 years) I am now on the quantum level of knowing what others are thinking and feeling and the energy that they are projecting. This is awesome and amazing and blows my mind as I now trust myself completely.

I always could but I did not trust myself enough. This is uncomfortable for others as I can see all for exactly what it is. This is a quantum jump on our evolution. Some are amazed, some are uncomfortable, some will avoid me at all costs.

These are the ones that are:

Not being truthful to others

Not being truthful to themselves

I do not always share what I am getting because with being able to do this comes great responsibility. You have to discern when it is appropriate and when it is not. It is always appropriate in a session with me because my clients come to learn and grow and work on releasing old patterns and programming so they want to know, to get the most out of a session. As for everyone else for the most part I am the observer, silently watching as I can see their programs playing out. I have always been an observer, silently watching, seeing truths, yet not saying a word because when I did, everyone would deny it, that there was a problem. This caused deep seated programs for me of not believing in myself, not trusting myself, not speaking up. I have worked very hard at removing these programs and can help you to do the same.

I hold myself accountable at the highest level for my own growth and evolution. For instance, as I began to notice the lack of support in my world (universe), I had to look within. Where am I not supporting? What support could I give that I am not. What I began to realize is that I need to support the New Earth more than I had previously been doing. Its my lack that is causing this, so I get busy, and share more of my time, money and love to support heaven on earth and no longer will support lack filled realities that are in a loop cycle of old earth realities. This is not what I am here to do any longer, I am here to create new everything and support those with an open heart and mind. No longer feeding the lack/victim mentalities.

This is also third eye activation as I am always willing to “see” the energies of what is really transpireing, the dynamics of what is occurring and my role of the “Why” it is occuring in my reality. Always looking, seeking for more growth, higher consciousness and evolution. I tell my clients that we become a “detective” to find the cause of pain, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Talking to ourselves to get to the bottom of the issue they are seeking relief from. This is complete and total responsibility for my universe at all times KNOWING that I create my reality at any given moment. We all do. I know that this is hard for some to comprehend/understand as they may have their feet firmly planted in victim mode, not wanting to see the truths. I send all of them love and know that they will awaken to their true power in perfect divine timing.

Through the power of these written words you are activating your third eye, releasing the codes held within, to assist you in ‘SEEING MORE CLEARLY THAN EVER BEFORE”. You are a seeker, one who has come here to make a difference and use your “gifts” for the good of all, in service to all of humanity with the pureness of your heart and the pureness of your soul to create this beautiful brand new heaven on NEW EARTH. A world filled with UNITY, COMMUNITY, LOVE and COMPASSION, PURITY and a sense of WONDERMENT, like a bright eyed child seeing the world for the first time.

Love Blessings to ALL,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

Were just getting rolling here on the activations, meditations, online courses and retreats. I also make new products to assist raising your vibration as I feel inspired to do so. We let the universe dictate our creative process and stay in the flow. I am also working on my book which is an amazing and powerful process to get the word out to assist others to “Step Into Your Power”.