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Specialty Products - All natural hand made by Kim, made with essential oils

Limited quantities - ****** Shipping to US and Canada Only 

All natural products have crystals to supercharge and enhance the frequency of the essential oils within and activate and your vibration. Please shake gently before using.

Perfumes in Roller Balls 

DWG ~ Divine Warrior Goddess Perfume - This very powerful perfume is a unique combination of four of my other perfume creations (Blessings, Erotic Goddess, Shield and Courage to help you to embrace the goddess within and "Step Into Your Power"    Value $53  **Sale $26

Blessings - This deliciously delicate perfume was channeled by Mother Mary and was perfect on the very first try. Each bottle is a blessing of love and healing from Mary, leaving you feeling beautiful and blessed. Use it as a daily perfume and as a anointing and healing oil. Value $42  **Sale $21

Erotic GoddessPerfume Aphrodisiac- This blend is infused with oils to empower you to embrace the divine feminine and sexual power within! Have fun with this one!!  Value $34  **Sale $17

ShieldEnergy Clearing and Protective Blend - This blend was Channeled by Arch Angel Micheal to clear your energy and put his protective shield over your physical body and shield your energy. It is a very earthy blend to keep you grounded and protected  Value $42 **Sale  $21

Chakra Balance - This divine blend has seven essential oils associated with the seven main chakras to clear and balance, allowing your energy to flow freely from the divine. There are also seven crystal chips associated with each chakra to supercharge the oils.  Value $42 **Sale  $21

Woodland Wonder - This very earthy blend to help ground you to mother earth. 

Value $ 34 **Sale $17  

only 4 available.

Perfume Bottles 

Third Eye Quantum Activation  Value $50  **Sale $25

Shield (Unisex)  Value $47  **Sale $23

Blessings (small)  Value $47 **Sale $23

Blessings (large 1oz)  Value $63  **Sale $31

Queen - Heart Chakra Activation - Floral scented perfume feels as if you are walking through a beautiful rose garden as soft and sweet as you are.  Value $32  **Sale $16

Quantum Light Activations 

Quantum Light Activations are light encoded meditations that come through the vibration and frequency of my voice to affect you on a cellular level to raise your vibration and release the codes already held inside of you to assist you on a deep and profound level. The more often you listen the faster your cells will vibrate creating wonderous change. These are all in MP3 format that will be sent by email that you may download on your device. After purchase please send me the email that you would like them to be sent to. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery, although, in most cases, delivery will be much sooner.

Quantum Light Activation for Releasing Old Programming 

This activation is for releasing all the programming held deep inside your cellular structure from not only this life but all of your lifetimes. This programming is holding you back from happiness, love, abundance on all levels and even your romantic partner. You can use this daily to release all this programming that no longer serves you. This is a MP3 that will be sent by email and can be downloaded onto your computer or phone. After purchase please send me an email along with the email that you would like it to be sent to. Please allow 48 hours for delivery as I do not have an automated system.

Quantum Light Activation- Releasing Old Programming (8:44)     Value  $18.88  ***Sale $9

Abundance Activation (7:49) Value $18.88  ***Sale $9

Activating the Belief Frequency (9:16)  Value $18.88  ***Sale $9

Activating the Belief in the Magical Realm (5:31) Value $18.88   ***Sale $9

Diamond Light Code Frequency Activation (18:13)  Value $25.00 ***Sale $12

Prosperity and Love Activation (7:49)  Value $18.88  ***Sale $9

Embracing the Divine Feminine Within Quantum Light Activation (7:50) Value $18.88  Sale $9

Bundle of all 7 Activations​       

 Enjoy all activations at an amazing discount for a limited time!   Worth over $138 

 Now on Special for $88 *** Sale $44